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Q: Who is RidgeWRX for?

A: RidgeWRX is for a wide variety of students ranging from high-achieving students who excel in a traditional classroom setting and want some variety in their education, to students who find traditional classrooms boring or disengaging and want to find a new way to learn. Only Juniors and Seniors are able to register for the class due to transportation logistics.

Q: What is RidgeWRX?

ARidge WRX is a project-based learning class where students go outside of the school and complete projects to help the community and local businesses as a way to learn and meet the standards of a traditional classroom.

Q: What classes are available through RidgeWRX?

A: Students are enrolled in a grade-appropriate English class, then choose one social studies class and one business class per semester. (See students page for the list of classes)

Q: Who are the RidgeWRX teachers?

A: Information on all of the teachers and staff contributors for Ridge WRX is available on the “About” page.

Q: When/where is the class?

A: Class occurs during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods. The class meets in the media center, but students travel to wherever they need to for their projects.

Q: What is a seminar?

A: A seminar is a mini-lesson done as a way to help students gain information that they need during the course of a project. These are available to all students who wish to attend. Students can request seminars at any point in time.

Q: How are projects selected?

A: Students can create projects that they are passionate and want to work on, and will also have the opportunity to work on projects for local businesses or other teachers/departments in the school.

Q: Is transportation provided?

A:  No, Students are required to find their methods of transportation to field trips and any business activities. This can come in the form of driving themselves, getting a ride from other students, or in some cases public transit.

Q: How does grading work?

A: Grading is based on how well the projects demonstrate the students' ability to understand the given standards.

Q: How will the classes show up on my transcript?

A: The classes appear the same as traditional classes would on a student's transcript. There is no way for a college to see that the class wasn’t completed traditionally.

Q: What will colleges think of RidgeWRX?

A: Ridge WRX focuses on developing skills that colleges are seeking in students such as being strong collaborators and innovators. Ridge WRX also provides opportunities for students to get great topics for college essays. Or you can pretend you just took the classes in a traditional classroom and colleges would never know.

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