It's not a class. It's not sitting still for an hour doing busy work. It's more than this. It's an opportunity for students of all levels to work on meaningful, real-world projects. These projects are then tied into the standards for a collection of classes to complete the credits.

How do I know if RidgeWRX is the right fit for me?
  • I want to use my time in school for more purposeful work

  • I find traditional classrooms disengaging and/or boring 

  • I want to knock out a bunch of graduation requirements without taking the rather boring classes 

  • I learn much better when I am able to work with my hands 

What's in it for me?

30 class credits.

Students are automatically enrolled in a grade-appropriate English class, then choose one business class and one social studies class per semester 

Business Classes:

Business economics 




Social Studies:

American Humanities 

American Government



PROS              &            CONS
  • Obtain real world skills that can be used for future jobs and professions

  • The possibility to stand out on college resumes 

  • Work on projects you are passionate about

  • No "busywork" 

  • Work with other hard-working students

  • Find new passions

  • Gain problem-solving skills stronger than other students

  • Take charge of your own learning 

  • Students must provide their own transportation

  • Students commit to having 1st, 2nd and 3rd period filled

Student Experience: semester 1, 2019